How often do I need a heart cath test

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my doctor says i should have a heart cath test every 5 years. i only had one done 5 years ago and my blockage was 60 per cent,my blood pressure runs low iam diabetic should i get a second opinion


“Cath tests” should never be done routinely. You certainly need to be checked regularly, but that can be done with office visits. If anything changes in your symptoms that makes your doctor concerned you have cardiac symptoms, you should have a stress ECHO:
Only if that test is positive and different from before should a catherization be considered.
Meanwhile, you need treatment for cholesterol, which is undoubtedly abnormal, as well as try your best with diet & exercise, stop smoking and lose weight (whatever fits your profile):
Meanwhile check your risk for heart disease:
Hope this helps,
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    1. I was in the hospital and had a number of tests done for my heart which all came back normal. I also had a sonogram of my arteries which also came back normal. Do I have to have a cathersatio?

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