How many stents are too many

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Submitted by Dr T on March 9, 2011 – 10:16pm

Someone told me that they had 22 stents.  Is this possible or should they have had another procedure?

Patients like this do much better  with a Coronary Bypass Procedure, live longer and spend a lot less money!

I wish I could tell you it isn’t true, but from personal experience I can tell you I ultimately performed a coronary bypass procedure on someone who had undergone 31 stent procedures (he needed three bypasses, and did well). One of the problems I encountered was that there was so little space left in which to perform the bypasses – a coronary artery is only so long and each stent takes up about 1/2 ” or more; not much left to work on! There is no justification for  multiple stents after the first few; it should have become obvious this was the wrong approach. In both these patients.
Please read some more about this here:
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Dr T

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