How is it possible my heart function improved so much after bypass surgery?

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I am a 63 year old male.  I had a MI and subsequent CABG4 in the fall of 2007.  An echo done in July of 2008 showed my LVEF at 40-45%.  I was on a beta blocker, a statin and aspirin at the time.  I stopped taking all meds in July of 2008.  In August of 2010 I had nuclear stress test done and the LVEF was 65%.  Is it possible for the LVEF to improve so dramatically without meds and with only a change of diet and plenty of exercise?


Your coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG) must have been very  successful (and still is), not only for the grafts to continue to work but in recruiting heart muscle that received insufficient blood supply before the operation (it is called “dormant”). Yes, yes and yes! This is one of the great benefits of bypass surgery, as opposed to stents. Keep at it, you are doing great. I have included some articles I wrote previously on the subject:
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