High systolic and low diastolic pressure

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Submitted by Dr T on October 15, 2014 – 7:18am

My mother has been lately suffering from a unique BP ailment. She had a blackout recently in which she was semi-conscious. Since then we have been monitoring her BP and have found that her systolic BP hovers around 140-150 while her diastolic level oscillates between 60-70. Yesterday night the upper one was 139 but the lower one dropped to 45 so I fed her some salty biscuits. Is this variation in BP the reason for her blackout and IS THERE ANY CURE (THROUGH MEDICATION) FOR THIS HUGE DIFFERENCE IN SYSTOLIC AND DIASTOLIC LEVELS ? 
Please reply at your earliest. I am quite worried about her health.
Thanks a lot

Hi Sam,

A high SBP & low DBP are suggestive of a leaking (insufficient) aortic valve . If so and if significant, the only treatment is repair/replacement. Whether this is necessary at this point depends on whether the heart function has suufered from the leakage. 

Hope this helps,

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