High blood pressure and other cardiac risks

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Submitted by Dr T on December 7, 2012 – 9:55am

I have high blood pressure and it is not controlled w/meds (I have no health insurance)…I have had bouts of chest pain attributed to angina…I had one incident 10 or so years ago horrible pain in center of chest, nausea, sweats, and an ambulance took me to the ER w/pills under my tongue and baby aspirin,etc.  After they ran bloodwork and ekg, ultrasound at the hospital, they told me the next morning it was esophogeal (sp) spasms.  Some crazy heart fluttering once in a while since then.  but today, all day the muscle in the left side of my chest from the center to my armpit, my shoulder, even down my shoulder blade, and down my arm to my elbow and very subtle up through the left side of my neck along my jawline has been aching.  A very dull ache.  I can’t rub it out…I feel like I should push on it to stop the discomfort, but it doesn’t really help…it comes and goes.  It’s NOT excruciating…just annoying.  I have a LOT of stress right now, and I know my BP is up.  My bottom number is usually around 114.  My question: is the location and description of this pain something to be concerned about?  Maybe I pulled something today…I did carry some crates.  I’m 46, I work a LOT, I sleep very little.  The last thing I need is to worry about anything else.  I do not want to go to the ER w/out insurance.  I haven’t seen a doctor in three years, except to get my BP meds re-filled, and I haven’t done that yet this year, so I’ve been off meds for a few months.  I don’t smoke (quit two years ago, and I don’t drink).

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