Heart health and Obesity

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Submitted by Dr T on July 11, 2011 – 5:32pm

My question is could there be something wrong with my heart, because I am 27 and even though I am not big on bulking up, I do enjoy jogging and could really use the exercise because I am now at 285 lbs. 5’11. 
However, I understand the results of an inactive lifestyle, having a mood disorder and the indication that maybe your heart isn’t supplying your body with oxygenated blood quick enough.  I would go to the park or a gym and after a few yards of running my chest is pounding way to quick and I am exhausted creating lactic acid.  Which doesn’t give me the time to get a good workout.  I’ve seen people that are easily in their forty’s have more endurance than me and I haven’t always been obese, inactive or out of shape.  What’s up with my heart??

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