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Submitted by Dr T on March 3, 2012 – 11:12am

Hi My name is Ken. im from AustraliaI am 55 years old Male about 6yrs ago i had a stent put in laddue tohigh colestrol was put on Plavix 75mg 20mg nortelTaken off Plavix about 4yr ago still suffering from angina shortness breath chest pain put in hospital numarus times told unstable angina etcto cut a long story short had heart attack Septmber 2009 Damaged the lower left chamber heart Told i had chf Stent and 2 other artries blocked put back on plavix 75mg -10mg Bicor -2.5mg Remapril 50mg spriactrum 2 x 10mg nitrolactil 50mg GT Patch2 x 40mg Frusimide 2 x fish oil 1x 100mg asprim Stillsuffering very shortnes breath chest pain.Went back to see Cardiologist had angiogram no 16 was done with angiogram and another one up vein for measuring heart Chamber pressure.Wastold Pressure in chambers was to high which could be causing shortness breath and chest pain was told to keep on tablets and not given anymore iformation. LVEf Was at 46%What should i do have had enoughKen

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