Harmless pvcs

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Submitted by Dr T on December 23, 2011 – 11:15am

Hello Dr. T,I am 42 y/o healthy male who was diagnosed with harmless PVCs i y2004 (proved by normal stress ECG and normal heart Echo). At that time my doc told me just to ignore them and live my life. I have done my routine stress ECG and heart echo in Dec2010 (i.e. a year back) where all test come back normal. These PVCs come back to me in July 2011, i.e. 6 month after my stress ECG and my doc told me just to ignore them. They stay like 2 month and gone away. Just a week back i have notice them back and called my doc who said that nobody knows why they come and why they go…. and again advise me to re ignore them and work on my stress level and coffee intake and do some sport as they may cause them to come or be more frequent… my questions:1. Does normal Stress ECG and normal echocardiogram R/O underlying heart diseases like CAD and prove that my heart structure / and function is normal2. Shall I be concerned about my PVCs after having these tests (stress ECG and Echo) normal?  BR

Hi Saed,
I believe we have discussed this before: PVCs + normal heart function + if not associated with exercise and other cardiac risk factors are harmless! Another thing you might want to do is calculate whether you are at risk for heart disease.

Hope this helps,
Dr T

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