Ejection Fraction at 30%

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Submitted by Dr T on November 19, 2011 – 9:24am

Hi,My father observed some variations in his ECG, and was taken to hospital for his checkups. His eco report read as in the following:1)Dilated left ventricle with severe genralized systolic dysfunction.2)Secondary moderate mitral regurgitation in upper normal sized left atrium.3)Thickened aortic vavle with no stenosis and mild regurgitation.4)Mild tricuspid regurgitation with mildly elevated pulmonary artery systolic pressure.In the above report it was clearly mentioned that Visual Ejection Fraction was slightly under 30%. LV global systolic function was severely compromised.Doctor has prescribed my father with medicines like and told him to avoid fats/salt.His symtoms are fine with NO out of breathe, no swelling on feet and lungs are clear aswell. Mild cough but I guess for change in weather. Although he is a patient of Asthem since 5/6 years and using seritide inhalor twice a day. We are likely to have his stress test done (thelium test) in about two/three weeks from today inshaLLAH.Can you kindly advise the situation based on the report/symptoms please? Any advise would be appreciated.thanks,Junaid

Hi Junaid,
A low Ejection Fraction indicates a moderately severe form of heart failure.

The treatment of heart failure can be quite complex.The most common cause is coronary artery disease, so this needs to be excluded as part of the evaluation (which is probably why in addition to a echocardiogram the stress test has been scheduled).

It is important to determine the cause of of your father’s heart failure and treat this if possible. His valve leakage is probably the result of an enlarged heart (dilated cardiomyopathy). The mildly elevated pulmonary artery systolic pressure (pulmonary hypertension), is also associated with heart failure.

Patients with level of heart failure should probably have an ICD implant. Other than medications,  treatments should also include behavior modifications such as weight loss and smoking cessation.

Hope this helps,

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