Eight failed stents in a row!

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i just had a heart attack again on the 19 of march 2016 they put a stent in me again to open up the flow this will be my 8th stent but now i am still having a lot of presure in my chest is that normal it is uncomfortible or is there something else going on?
Any recurrent chest pain after stenting indicates a very real risk of stent failure and you need to see your doctors immediately to get checked. Your symptoms are consistent with angina. Ask for another stress test or a 2nd opinion if your cardiologist refuses. You now have a long-standing and recurrent problem (stents) that fail! You can calculate the optimal treatment in your case here.

When areyour doctors going to learn stents don’t work in your case? If you had been treated with a coronary artery bypass operation the first time you would have lived a normal life w/o heart attacks or chest pains 8 stents ago!

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Dr T

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