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Submitted by Dr T on July 4, 2013 – 8:50am

I got my ECG checkup done and the doctor tells me there’s something wrong with the ECG .. he keeps on asking if I smoke or what, and I cannot say yes as he’s a family doctor and I don’t want anyone from the family know this.
Hi Awals!
It’s always hard to judge an EKG when you only have one to see and you don’t know very much about the patient (which is why it is very important to speak to your doctor to get more information about his or her concerns).
The EKG looks like your heart rate is a bit slower (called bradycardia) than it usually is, but that can be okay depending on your health and the medications you are on. It rarely can be abnormal (which is why I would definitely talk to your doctor too, because he/she knows you well):
I want to mention that smoking does increase your risk of lung, heart disease and stroke by a lot, and your doctor needs to know about your smoking to be able to offer you the advice you need. I would ask if she/he will keep your medical history confidential from your family. I think you’ll find your doctor will say that he will never share information with your family without your permission, except in emergencies:
And quit smoking if you want to protect your heart! You can check your cardiac risks here.
Hope this helps,

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