Different BPs in my arms

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In Feb. I wore a 24 hr holter monitor they saw what they are calling Supraventricular tachycardia I went in for a consult with a cardiologist on March 11, 2011 they did the EKG that seemed to be ok they did BP in both arms my left arm was about 120/80 which is pretty normal for me but the right arm was 90/60.  The Dr. didnt say anything about it and I didnt ask about which I need to stop doing I just want to know if thats something to be concerned about? I also had a chest x-ray done that day havent heard back about that I go back for an echo on the 24th of this month. It was just a little weird because I have had my BP taken in both arms before and its never been different. I have had palpations for about 2 yrs could I have weakened my heart by not getting it taken care of sooner?? I should mention that I will also be seeing a neurologist in April for a possible pineal cyst could all this be connected?


The first thing to do is to re-check your blood pressures: people make mistakes. If correct, it should be investigated, because it may a blockage in the artery. Since I don’t know anything else about you, it is difficult to judge what the cause might be, but one would be high cholesterol & atherosclerosis:
There are many different reasons for SVT:
If you have any of these things you might want to check your risk for heart disease and stroke:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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