Dangerous pvcs?

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Submitted by Dr T on October 15, 2011 – 10:14am

Dear doc recently their was a study going around with regards to the prognosis of pvcs that it increased mortality now I know you clarified this in your blog this study has really unsettled me as I suffer from pvcs but very very mild at times I don’t get them at times I do when I do get them is during a panic attack it is during that time they scare me the most as the pvcs come in runs along with the rapid heart beat they usually subside am I at risk for SCD or any danger? I’ve had my heart checked all tests normal. I’m 24 I exercise regularly. If I do get a panic attack with runs of pvcs should I go to an ER? Or just wait for the panic attack to subside? In this study they mentioned pvcs has being a factor to mortality could one say that smoking is an even greater factor? Please advise me right now I’m freaking out I’m thinking of making an appointment with my cardiologist I don’t know your colleague david richardson once told me they were harmless now in some posts he says otherwise after this recent study yet he still tell others they in no danger I don’t understand

Hi R,
There is a reason to have doctors interpret this type of news. I have blogged about this frequently.

You are NOT one of those patients!

Hope this helps,
Dr T

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