Could this be angina?

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Submitted by Dr T on June 18, 2013 – 10:58am

hello, i am 37fem with 3 kids. lately i have been experiencing odd pains in my chest/back(occasionally and scared it’s angina.
specifically, started few weeks ago, i went for my pap test and got nervous when waiting i started feeling like “water” running in my chest and i believe i had acid reflux. then on friday, i was on the bus with my kids and i started having pains like bruising up in my chest , got scared but tried to brush it off. yesterday i was washing my terrace when i had pains again in my chest, then all day my chest (esophagus) and neck area hurt but not at the same pain level. got to sleep with a terrible migraine woke up ok i decided to exercise in my treadmill, was feeling fine fine fine but after i finished and got off i had pain in my upper back no other feeling whatsoever. i did some jumping jacks etcc. and felt a bit of pain again when i sit down it went away. i know this is the description of angina but could it be my esophagitis? i neglected my meds and diet all winter and have been taking my meds again for about a month now. could it be angina with normal to low cholesterol/high hdl very low triglykerides , negative heart disease in family etc…?
i had no other symptoms except in the morning when i woke up i had a burning tongue. i am of normal weight don’t smoke or drink, stay away of sugar and fatty foods and exercise as much as i can with 3 kids. no edema anywhere. as i am writing this i am very very scared !!!
i have hashimots thyroiditis, gastritis and esophagitis , mild mitral prolapse, had a heart check up last year, was given the all clear.
would be grateful for any info.

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