Collapsed lung and fluid around the lung after heart surgery

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Submitted by Dr T on February 21, 2012 – 6:22pm


hello sir, this is a 55 year old female who underwent CABG 2 months ago who is also a known asthmatic, who got complications like mild left lung collapse and effusion which was treated with physiotherapy, where the patient was feeling better and x-rays showed resolving symptoms. she later had fever with cough and sputum for one week, fever subsided but cough was continuing with shortness of breath for 30 minutes after hot water bath, feeling breathless during nights and efficacy of breathing has been reduced, so kindly tell me what could be the problem behind these symptoms?

Hi Anitha,
This condition is a complication of the operation. It is called atelectasis and is frequently associated with a pleural effusion (collection of fluid around the lung). One may cause the other.
Hope this helps,


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