Cold Sensitivity After A Heart Attack

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Submitted by Dr T on April 26, 2014 – 7:38am

I am 57 years old. Ever since I had a heart attack a year ago (100% LAD occlusion), I have been extremely sensitive to cold, and even cool air. Sometimes it even starts palpitations. Is this normal? My cardiologist blows it off like it’s not worth discussing, but I’m very analytical by nature and would like to understand the cause. Thanks for your time.
Hi Ed,
Since your heart attack, have you undergone any more testing, specifically a stress test? Specifically, with a 100% blockage you may have a scar in your heart, but around it may be ischemic areas (not enough blood supply). A stress test would show the areas that don’t get enough blood
I have had patients where symptoms like yours were the equivalent of angina:
Hope this helps,

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