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1. Pre-ductal Coarctation

The stenosis is proximal to the inlet of the ductus arteriosus and the lower half of the body receives only venous blood from the pulmonary circulation system. If the duct closes off, life-threatening LV failure may occur.


  1. Preductal aortic isthmus stenosis;
  2. Ductus arteriosus.

2. Post-ductal Coarctation

  1. Postductal coarctation;
  2. Ductus arteriosus;
  3. Internal thoracic artery.

Postductal Coarctation is seen almost only in older children and young adults. The constriction lies below the closed ductus arteriosus. Unlike with a preductal coarctation, the blood supply for the lower half of the body is supplied via pronounced collateral circulation systems (internal thoracic artery and/or intercostal arteries).

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