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Submitted by Dr T on September 5, 2011 – 3:41pm

Hello Dr. T,I have been suffering from PVCs for sometime (about 8 months now) and had some visits to my cardiologist to check it out, single PVC was shown in a rest ECG and therefore he did not go for father evaluations and stick with my normal stress ECG and echocardiogram that was preformed a year back. I was told that these PVCs are harmless and all what I need is to ignore them; he even did not put me on drugs. I access allexperts from time to time to find some people now are more concerned about PVCs referring to some recent studies that suggest a negative outcome for those who have PVCs…. I only have 2 questions with this regards:1- Do these studies suggest that PVCs are a risk factor for future heart diseases like CAD similar to smoking OR these studies suggest that PVCs do happen only with heart disease like CAD? I am confused?2- What is your take about these studies for those who underwent stress ECG and echocardiogram year back and all results come normal?

There must be an epidemic of PVCs in your part of the world. I have never had so many questions about the same subject from the same region (Middle East), but here are your answers:

1: No
2: Please read this blog.

Hope this helps,
Dr T

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