Chest pains in a healthy diabetic

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Submitted by Dr T on July 13, 2011 – 4:39pm

My brother is 34 years old with Type I Diabetes. He is healthy overall and runs/exercises regularly. He’s had chest pain now for about 2 months, with changes in severity. He’s been to the ER, his family dr, etc. He’s had an endoscopy, stress test (scoring in 96th percentile), echocardiogram, CT scan of chest, xray of chest and heart cath. All came back fine.
When he was at the ER, he was monitored for a heart attack, which came back negative. Along with the chest pain, he’s had pain that radiates to his jaw and shoulder/neck, sweating and weakness. This has taken over his life. He worries about it constantly. The most recent bout ended up with him as a direct admit to the hospital to have all the tests done (ct scan, cath, etc.). The cardiologist determined it is not his heart. If it’s not his heart, not a digestive problem either, then what can it be? He is not a hypochondriac by any means and has lived with diabetes since he was 16 years old. But we need to find out what is wrong with him. HELP.

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