Chest Pains After Stenting

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Submitted by Dr T on April 30, 2014 – 8:50am

I am 59 old female and had heart attack three months ago with (%95 blockage) in left artery. I had a stent placed, however; still have some pain in jaw,lower back of the head, mid chest discomfort, heart palpitations. I have been at the Emergency  many times (3 times admitted to the hospital for the same symptoms) and been in many tests done which showed everything looking good without knowing a reasonable cause of the pain and my cardiologists want me to go the ER each time I have the pain (having the pain EVERY DAY).

If your tests show the stent is working and the blood flow to your L coronary artery (+elsewhere) is now normal, it is not angina you are suffering from (unless you have other blockages that have not been treated). I assume you have had a stress test to confirm everything is well.

You may want to confirm this with your doctors, and/or ask for a second opinion. You may have coronary artery disease in other locations!

Meanwhile you should try to live a heart-healthy life and eliminate as many cardiac risks as possible.

Hope this helps,

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