Chest Pains

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Submitted by Dr T on June 4, 2011 – 6:45am

I have been dealing with chest pain for the past couple of years with it getting worse.  Several weeks ago, I had a cardiac cath done which showed the one of my arteries was 40% blocked and that my heart must beat 5-6 times to pump the blood to the heart muscle. 
My doctor put me on a calcium channel blocker which caused my blood pressure and pulse to drop to 85/42 and 42.  A week after they put me on the new medicine, I ended up in the ER with severe chest pain, thought I was having a heart attack.  Thankfully I was not having one, but they could not figure out what was causing the pain.  They did a EKG, which was abnormal  and a chest x-ray.  I was told that it was not my heart.  I am scheduled for an upper GI on Thursday, but would like to know what might be causing the pain.  I have not broken or bruised any ribs which may be causing the pain either.

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