Chest pain and recently diagnosed with high blood pressure

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Submitted by Dr T on July 8, 2013 – 11:49am

First off I want to thank you for taking the time to read and email me back.  In March I went to doctor to schedule to have my tubes tied but my doctor said she would operate until I started on Blood pressure medicine because at been going up for some time. It was 163/98. So she put me on generic  form of Cozaar 25 mg. After 4 weeks she checked me and said it was not down enough so she put me on 50 mg once a day. I also told her I had been experiencing chest pain on/off for about 6 months so they had me do a 24 hr holter which said findings my max heart rate was 108 min HR 37 and average HR 64 predominant underlying rhythm was sinus rhythm. final interpretation agree with findings the minimum heart rate occurred at 0303 the patient complained of chest pressure but no sinus rhythm with no significant ST segment deviation was noted. Also I did a ECHO which said chamber dimensions: Aortic root 2.8, left atrium 3.9 inter ventricular septum 1.0 posterior wall 1.0 left ventricle diastole 4.6 left ventricle systole 2.8. Description mitral: mitral valve reveals no stenosis or thickening and there is no polapse present. Aortic: normal trileaflet, opens normally. Ticuspid and pulmonic: morphologically normal. Wall thickness normal, chamber size normal, wall motion not wall motion abnormalities are present left ventricular ejection fraction 65%. pericardium no evidence of pericardial effusion. aortic forward flow is normal and no regurgitation, pulmonic normal forward flow with trace regurgitation, mitral normal forward flow and mild regurgitation, and tricuspid normal forward flow and mild regurgitation. regurgitant velocity of 33 to 38 mmHg. impression mild elevation of pulmonary pressure otherwise normal echo. Also I was told to take a baby aspirin every day. My mother has high blood pressure and my grandpa on my mothers side had heart disease around age of 40. I’m only seeing my OB right because I can’t find a doctor I feel comfortable with like her.  Should I be worried about any of this. I also have noticed I will have shortness of breath when I walk up stairs sometimes. I’m a 31 yr old female overweight. When I get chest pains they will last anywhere from 5 mins to 1 hr. Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated. ThanksBrandy

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