Carotid Artery Ultrasound Results

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Submitted by Dr T on September 15, 2011 – 4:59pm

Hello Doctor,Hopefully, you can tell me what the results of my husband’s carotid ultrasound report means.  I will type exactly what the report says.Clinical Information  ArtherosclosisCOLOR DUPLEX CAROTID ULTRASOUNMDB-mode images on each side show plaque.  No Doppler abnormality is seen.  No tight stenosis is evident.  Antegrade flow in both vertebral arteries is noted.CONCLUSIONBilateral plage without color B-mode or Doppler evidence for a hemodynamically significant stenosis on either side.That is the report in its entirety.  I understand that there is some plaque, but do not really understand this report.  If you could clarify what it is saying, I would very much appreciate it.ThanksMaryann

Hi Maryann,
Your husband’s carotid ultrasound shows two things:

1. He has evidence of atherosclerosis, as evidenced by the plaque;
2. There is no obstruction of the blood flow to his brain.

Atherosclerosis is caused by abnormal cholesterol. You can read more here:

Although not the case at present, your husband is at risk for developing atherosclerosis in the future with as consequence a potential heart attack and/or stroke :

There are things that can be done to prevent this from happening:

1. Live a healthy life style
2. Take a baby Aspirin a day
3. Get treated if necessary for hypertension, high cholesterol

Hope this helps,
Dr T

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