Can you help me with my high Blood Pressure?

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sir kindly suggest oral medicine that can work maximum fast for fast heart rate unbearable 130 to 156 per min with or without raise of hypertension 180/110–capotril?? 25 mg(ace inhibitor that works in 20 mint)–betablocker metpploror-25 mg( works in 30 mint) any other fast acting transiquilzer can you give for serch in google? –age 50 weight 102 kg-5.7–diabetic between (200 to 250 medium)


The treatment of high blood pressure depends on a lot of factors that need first evaluation by your doctor. I cannot judge from here what is best for you, for instance don’t understand why your heart rate is fast. Most doctors prescribe a combination of a diuretic in combination with another drug such as a beta blocker or ACE inhibitor (the last one works well in Diabetics).

Look here for more information on hypertension:
Before treatment you need to have blood & urine tests, a Chest Xray and an EKG to check your heart rhythm:
No treatment should be started without a change in life style:
This is all information to prevent heart disease & stroke. To check your risk:
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  1. Hi there–

    I’m an internal medicine resident in the northeast, and completely agree with the above. The best therapy varies depending on the cause of the problem, other medications, medical history and so on.

    Blood pressures and heart rates as high as that can be very serious… someone with these problems should see your doctor as soon as possible!

    Dr. Smith

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