Can I avoid a heart procedure with two blocked arteries?

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Submitted by Dr T on February 22, 2011 – 6:33pm

I am a 52 yr old male,and just had a heart cath and found out i have 2 blocked arteries,one is partial the other fully,is there a way that this can be treated with drugs to completely dissolve the blockages?my alternative is 2 stents i’d like to avoid if poss.if there are any drugs,could you please supply me there names,and i’ll consult with my cardiologist about them,i really don’t want the stents much alas by-pass surgery,i’m hoping that with exercise and some plaque dissolving drug/s this can be done.i realize whatever i take i’ll have to be careful,since your liver produces the plaque and i don’t wanna destroy a perfectly healthy liver,if you need time to consult with some of your colleagues about my ques,please feel free to do so,i can wait,and thatnks for your time and help

Have you had an heart attack in the past? Do you have any symptoms? What about your risk factors?
These are some of the factor that will decide what treatment would fit you best. There is no drug, or any other treatment available that will reverse coronary artery disease. If you do everything right, the process of atherosclerosis may stop progressing but that is probably the best you can hope for.
Read more here:
Here you can calculate what treatment might be best for you:
I have blogged about this before, because I think patients often are scared away from what is the gold standard in improving blood flow to your heart:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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