Can a pacemaker treat PVCs?


Submitted by Dr T on October 11, 2013 – 11:21am

I know a pacemaker will not prevent pvc’s but is it any protection from a pvc string? It seems logical that a pacer is to correct abnormal rythms and should thereby interrupt a pvc string before it could become life-threatening by returning rythm back to normal. Is this a valid assumption? Thank you for your response.
Hi Deven,
You don’t quite understand what a pacemaker does. A pacemaker is not used to tread PVCs. This is what they are used for:
Usually PVCs are not dangerous, but if they are so symptomatic as to be disruptive, first try eliminate all of the factors such as caffeine, certain foods, stress, before asking for treatment with medications. Simple medications such as beta-blockers will reduce their incidence. Very frequently, this is enough to improve your symptoms. In summary, PVCs often go away on their own without any treatment beyond being reassured by your doctor.
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    I have stage 3-4 HFpEF, diastolic dysfunction, frequent episodes of SR with SVE, SR with wide QRS, BBB, and lately PVC’s along with symptoms like pre-syncope, dyspnea without exertion & chest pain. My electrophysiologist appointment isn’t until Jan. 2023. What should I do at this point in time?

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    What is the best treatment for PVC’s? I have heard that a person with diagnosed sleep apnea can benefit from a CPAP device. Is this true?

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