Blood pressure too high?

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Submitted by Dr T on July 27, 2012 – 8:21am

suffering from hypertension from the last 20 years. from the last 6 years using cardiopril 5mg morning and evening but now 2.5 mg only from 2009. when checked wit digital BP apparatus usually in the first attempt it shows higher reading but tested repeatedly it shows around 130/80.tried with different digital BP instruments, same is the it due to anxiety/fear in the beginning or any other reason? after getting result stabilised also taken reading in different postures such as standing,sitting and sleeping.only after some time the study constant reading 130 to 135/80 to 85 comes for each pose. suggest whether i have to switch to another medicine or this is ok.tests for kidney function,cholestro,diabetes show no abnormality and in normal range only. iam using HERBALIFE Formula 1,Personalised prtien powder and afresh drink from the last few days. is it ok?

Hi Braju,
Your blood pressure variations from 130-135/80-85 are within normal limits. Whether you need better control (i.e. to a BP around 120) depends on other risk factors such as your age and other cardiac risks.

The major goal of high blood pressure (hypertension) treatment is the reduction of cardiovascular disease (CVD), including stroke. In most persons with hypertension, especially those age >50 years, the primary focus should be on achieving a blood pressure <140/90 mmHg since that is directly associated with a decrease in CVD complications. In patients with hypertension and diabetes or renal disease, the BP goal is <130/80 mmHg.
Another factor to be considered is the effect of a high BP on your heart, usually checked with an echocardiogram.

Other than living a hearthealthy lifestyle, I don’t recommend self-medication of any kind.
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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