Aspirin Therapy

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Submitted by Dr T on January 30, 2011 – 12:20pm

I have been diagnosed with coronary artery disease with elevated cholesterol, slightly high blood pressure and angina. I’ve had the treadmill stress test, echocardiogram and ekg. I have an MET level of 8. I am taking metoprolol (100mg time release), Lipitor (10mg) and low-dose aspirin. The doctor told me to take 2 aspirin tablets daily. Would this be most effective taken at one time or one in the morning and the other later in the day? Thanks.

Is that the only treatment? You haven’t told me about your symptoms, but I assume you what is called “stable angina”. Treatment for that condition includes more than Beta blockers (Metoprolol) and an anti-platelet drug (such as aspirin). In general, a Baby aspirin (60 mGm) daily is enough to achieve that, thus I don’t quite know why your doctor prescribed two tablets. Apart from that I would recommend that you use it twice daily after Breakfast and dinner.
You can read more here about treatment for coronary artery disease here:
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Dr T

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