Angina, arrhythmias and heart disease

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Submitted by Dr T on November 28, 2012 – 9:54am

I received a stress test after having radiating pain down my neck and left arm.  It showed a septal infarct of undetermined age, bigemny, arrythmias (i am recalling this from memory)and something to do with my ST.  I was unable to finish the stress test, lasting only 6min 48 sec. due to dypsnea so the test was considered non diagnostic and I am to be scheduled for a nuclear stress test.  The ER doctor said since my enzymes were negative I should go home and take a muscle relaxant.   Shouldn’t I be worried about this?   This is the second episode of pain in three weeks time and last time I also had chest pain.

Hi Debra,
While this stress test may have been inconclusive, you are also symptomatic and you have proven heart disease as shown by the other results. I am particularly concerned about the combination of  angina and arrhythmias. This puts you at immediate risk for a heart attack and you should contact your doctors to get further testing ASAP.
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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