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Submitted by Dr T on January 9, 2014 – 11:17am

I have had 3 stents. 2000 95% RCA, 2002 LCA and in 2003 circumflex.Has been on Altace (until reaction to it).Been taking Diovan 320, Lipitor 80, dilitiazem 120 x2 daily, toprol 50 twice a day, My average BP was 140/90 pulse 80ish.I have always had abnoraml (inverted S & T waves).I May my blood pressure dropped and maintained at 100/50 with a pulse of 45-50.This went on after me cutting my meds in half. I finally got insurance and went to the Doc. Doc said EKG was perfect p/pr 124/96, qrs-98, qt/QRs/T axis 406/381, P/QRS/T ais 40/27/14 deg, heart-53, said I was in perfct healt. explained to them but was told could not have been what I thought b4.After a echo and thalium stress I(POOF) have inverted Ts again. 8 mos fastforwardJan left arm went fully numb and felt swollen(wasn’t). ekg today p/pr-120/192,qrs 100,qt/QTc 360/394, P/qrs/t axis 40/6/-8 deg, HR 72, but now slight inferior repolarization disturbance, consider ischemia, lv overload-aspecific change, small negative T in aVF w/negative T in III, borderline EKG. doc states still OK, PLEASE ADVISE/HELP
Hi Joe,
The first thing you need to realize: You don’t have perfect health! 
You have: 

 Your EKGs probably reflect all that. Since you haven’t included the results of the echo and thallium stress tests, I assume these were normal, and your heart disease and cardiac risks appear well controlled at present. You should calculate your risks here to see whether this is still true!

However, you need to have all these tests repeated at regular intervals to make sure nothing changes, and meanwhile try to live a heart-healthy life style:
Hope this helps,
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