A slow heart rate and PVCs

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Submitted by Dr T on March 12, 2013 – 8:50am

I am a 46 yr old female.have had pvcs since 1988.i have a hiatial hernia and gerd.now i have a slow heart rate of 49.i am weak and tired all the time.my blood pressure is 110 over 70.my dad died of heart attack at age 39.should i be worried.i cant take anything for pvcs because it makes my heart rate even lower.i dont know what to.al blood tests are normal except low vitamin d.it was 13.am taking b12 because i have low b12 when i dont take it.thank you

It is unlikely from what you have told me that your PVCs alone are causing you to feel tired, but I am concerned about the slow heart rate. Bradycardia can be the result of many factors. One of the (many) causes of bradycardia include a problem with your thyroid. None of these include complications caused by your hiatal hernia and GERD.

The slower your heart beats, the less blood it pumps throughout your body. If your heart beats too slowly, your brain and body might not get enough blood to function well, leading to any or all of the following symptoms:

  • Fatigue, weakness
  • Dizziness
  • Lightheadedness
  • Fainting (syncope) or near fainting
  • Shortness of breath

You need evaluation with: 

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