A racing heart and my risk of coronary artery disease

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Every once in a while my heart will start racing for hours, it will make me tired and I will go and lay down, but my heart has a high heart rate most of the time, I have tried to cut out most caffeine, what could this be? I am on high blood pressure medicine and antidepressant.


You need to get this analyzed! Your combined symptoms of a new fast heart rate and fatigue suggest something is not right with your heart. Apart from the possibility these are palpitations caused by an arrhythmia, women in particular often have atypical symptoms of angina, and yours may fit in that category.

New onset of abnormal heart rates and palpitations are often associated with heart disease:
Since you have hypertension, you should check your risks for heart disease:
Your doctor will probably recommend a variety of tests that will include a Holter monitor and a stress test.

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