A poor heart function and congestive heart failure

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My husband is 62 and has Congestive Heart Failure.  He recently had an echocardiogram which showed his heart at 25%.  We were told that this was serious and that he should see his cardiologist ASAP.  We have an appointment tomorrow, but I would like to know what is normal procedure as far as tests etc. for a person who was at 35% 6 years ago. Should they have done other echo’s, or tests periodically?  He has not had an echo or seen a cardiologist in 5 years. He has been seen and treated by his primary physician only. What can be done at this point?A:


At 25%, your husband’s heart works at 1/3 of its capacity (normal is about 70%). Often this is the result of previous heart attacks and coronary artery disease or heart valve problems (unlikely from what you have written):
As you can read there is lots that can and should be done.
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