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Tomorrow you’ll find updated questionnaires on this website. I re-designed the one already there, and added two others:

  • No. 1 is for patients with issues about their treatment;
  • No. 2 is a Risk assessment for developing CAD and stroke;
  • No. 3 is an analysis tool for evaluation of chest pain.

As you may have noticed from previous blogs, treatment for CAD includes not only Stents but often neglects medical therapy or bypass surgery as options offered to patients. The original questionnaire attempts to address that issue, but its format has been streamlined.
The new 10 year Risk assessment tool for heart disease is derived from the Framingham study but also includes what needs to be done to modify your risks. I realized many visitors who took the original questionnaire did not have heart disease and consequently did not get the answers they were looking for. This has now been addressed.

The Chest pain analysis tool was developed for physicians, but is useful for patients as well. If you have chest pain and think it might be your heart, don’t waste your time with this questionnaire, but get to a doctor ASAP, or call 9-1-1. On the other hand, for reasons that have always been a mystery to me, a lot of patients (especially pre-menopausal women) with angina are initially misdiagnosed. Often, that includes Hiatal Hernia, a condition that occasionally causes heartburn.  Many of my patients had their gallbladder removed or underwent years of treatment with antacids on their way to a bypass operation! This questionnaire is for those patients.

I hope these additions will be useful,

Dr T

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