Worried about LBBB

I have a LBBB, an AVblock, an a left axis deviation. Would this cause, the pain in my lower back, an the pain in my hip's, and the swolling in my legs and feet?

left branch bundle block (LBBB) may be associated with coronary artery disease (CAD) and if so, it would increase your risk for a heart attack. If the only finding is a LBBB, w/o other evidence of insufficient blood supply to your heart (called ischemia), a next step to prove CAD could be stress test followed by CTCA.  The results may indeed prove you have CAD, but that doesn't automatically mean you need a stent or bypass surgery unless you have developed so-called Left main disease.
In asymptomatic patients with stable heart disease, medical treatment is often superior to stenting (the treatment doctors might recommend if they find CAD). Your swollen ankle may be the result of heart failure. I don't know what the pains in your back and legs is causewd by.

Hope this helps,
Dr T


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