I am worried about my doctor's advice

I was recently at a routine appointment when my physician took my blood pressure, then did a chest x-ray, followed by what I think was a stress test.  She then told me that my heart rate was way too high and immediately referred me to a cardiologist.  To make it worst she hugged me before leaving and "wished me the best of luck".  Needless to say I was a bit concerned at what I should expect at my first appointment.  I am currently prescribed 20mg of lisinopril-that I don't take regularly cause it makes me feel funny.  I thought my heart rate was accelerated because my husband was coming home from Kuwait.  I just need a glimpse of what I can expect at my appointment. Thank You.

For advice I need more information. There are too many potential explanations! However, the more likely one is of an irregular heart beat or arrhythmia and your doctor is simply uncomfortable treated you herself:
If you think you might be at risk for coronary artery disease, you can check this here:
You also might want to read this:
Hope this helps,
Dr T


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