I am Dr Tryzelaar and a retired cardio thoracic surgeon. After a life-long career in the treatment of heart diseases, I created this web site to help you with your cardiac disease questions. This is what you'll get:





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I had a heart attack 2.5 weeks ago. Next day 3 stents were placed in right coronary artery. Pressure became constant. Went in for more stents in left coronary and was told the right stents had totally closed up. Dr was not able to penetrate any of the 3. He did not place more in right side. So now...
The right coronary artery is totally blocked, but its downstream portion is filled backwards from the Left coronary artery's major branch, the LAD. Re: additional arteries growing above blockage, it is called "collateral flow" and it may yet happen. However, it is not as effective as a normal...


We recorded a new Ask Dr T Live Video Session on 5/3/14


In it, I answered two of your questions.  about ICDs and "Diet & Exercise". 

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