I am Dr Tryzelaar and a retired cardio thoracic surgeon. After a life-long career in the treatment of heart diseases, I created this web site to help you with your cardiac disease questions. This is what you'll get:





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Three vessels disease with 100 % RCA AND CX 90%,LCA95% WHAT SHOULD DO WITH PAITENT AGE 65 yr Plz give advise
In patients with extensive disease such as yours, by far the best solution is a coronary bypass operation if non-medical treatment is needed. I have written about this extensively and hope reading this link will help you, Look at the results I achieved with my patients and make up your mind about...


When is Bypass Surgery the Best Treatment?

The medical literature and my own experience support this course of action in patients with symptomatic CAD:



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Surgical competence requires a complex set of interdependent roles and abilities that include psychomotor, cognitive,...
Surgical Anatomy Lecture, Tufts University School of Medicine GI Tract Embryology Joan F. Tryzelaar, MD, FACS, FACCP 1/...
Surgical Anatomy Lecture, Tufts University School of Medicine Embryology of Body Cavities Joan F. Tryzelaar, MD, FACS,...