I am Dr Tryzelaar and a retired cardio thoracic surgeon. After a life-long career in the treatment of heart diseases, I created this web site to help you with your cardiac disease questions. This is what you'll get:





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I have been advised by my primary physician to schedule a cardiac catherization and possible stent placement procedure after having a Nuclear Stress Test with the following "Findings:  The study quality is excellent.  There is no transient LV ischemic dilatation noted...
The test proves you have insufficient blood supply to a small part of your heart, but that overall function is normal. Many patients can be treated with medications and a heart-healthy lifestyle, and a procedure such as a stent or bypass is only needed for them when there are disabling and/or...


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Please help with an exciting fundraising event planned for the Friends of the Portland Community Free Clinic and supported by a grant from Climb4acure.


I have committed to climbing Mt. Katahdin on July 10-12, 2016, pledging to raise at least $1,000. 


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As rerported in Acquired Cardiovascular Disease: ORLANDO – Cases of contrast-induced nephropathy increased dramatically...
During an extended-follow-up of up to 15 years, VA patients had similar survival rates between an initial strategy of...
Surgical competence requires a complex set of interdependent roles and abilities that include psychomotor, cognitive,...