I am Dr Tryzelaar and a retired cardio thoracic surgeon. After a life-long career in the treatment of heart diseases, I created this web site to help you with your cardiac disease questions. This is what you'll get:





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I am 76 years of age and have been diagnosed with sick sinus syndrome. The suggested treatment is metoprolol and a pacemaker. I have not had any symptoms such as, light headedness, fainting, or tiredness, other than the feeling of the sometimes erratic heart beat. I am concerned of the possible...
Patients with Sick Sinus Syndrome may develop alternating too slow and/or too fast heart rhythms, also known as tachy-brady syndrome:  Like in your case, often patients don't have any symptoms, or if not, may present with fatigue, dizziness, palpitations, and (near) fainting. Sick sinus...



For some time now I have been a volunteer physician at the Portland Community Free Clinic, where low-income residents in the area receive free medical care.
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