These PVCs are bothering me

Have you heard of gastro problems causing PVCs? During fall 2010, I moved from Midwest to Southwest US. Several months later, out of the blue I started having nagging gastro problems and started feeling PVCs around the same time. All gastro tests (including an endoscopy) have come negagtive. Similarly, all heart tests (stress, echo, radioactive dye, holter, etc.) have all come negative, except for documenting the PVCs. Now PVCs have become a part of my life. On and off, I seem to feel it all day (sometimes get the pounding heart sensation). Interestingly, somtimes I seem to feel a pulsing sensation in my throat just before PVCs. Overall, the PVC sensation is nagging me quite a bit.BTW, when I am running to catch a flight in an airport or especially climb multiple flights of stairs, I do feel a sense of pressure in my throat. This comes and goes. Interestingly, I didn't have any problems when I did the stress test. I use an exercise bike at home without much issue (although sometimes I feel the pressure early during the routine, which appears to go away).I am 53 years old male, and taking FENOFIBRATE 145 MG TABLET (for my tryglcerides, which is very much under control now), LOSARTAN 50 MG TABLET, AMLODIPINE 10 MG TABLET, and LANSOPRAZOLE 30 MG PACK (prescribed for possible heart burn). My BP is around 120/80 (these days almost always within the accepted range). My pulse is around high 50s/low 60s. I am 5' 6'' and about 140 pounds (no pot belly). I am originally from the southern part of India. My father had high BP, gastro issues with a pot belly. He died suddenly when he was 62, just after finishing a set of tennis (cause unknwon).I truly appreciate any help you can provide. Look forward to hearing from you.Kris

Hi Kris,
"Gastro problems" do not cause PVCs. If you don't have acid reflux (GERD), you don't need it treated. Your blood pressure, if previously high, seems now well controlled and it sounds like you live a healthy lifestyle.
The tests have shown your heart function is normal even under stress, and pretty much excluded that these pvcs are dangerous in your case. When bothersome as with you, beta blockers can help reduce their frequency:

Hope this helps,
Dr T


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