Skipped beats

I have noticed an increased pause before the compasatory beat with my PVCS. It feels like about two to three seconds before the next beat which is freaking me out! That is my heart not beating, I fear with the lengthened time waiting for the next beat like it may not start up again. Its a terrible sensation. Has anyone else ever had this happen?Also, the long pauses are making me feel dizzy and I'm worried I may pass out or faint. Though neither has happened as of yet.I had good tests in the past. Ekg, halter, echo, stress test. I usually feel real tired after the long pause BP goes up yet my pulse stays lower then normal? normal pulse is 78 to 84 low is 60.

Hi Jodi,

Irregular heart rhythms can also occur in "normal, healthy" hearts. Pauses may occur, but if this is a change from you have noticed before,you should be checked again, especially with your symptoms of dizziness. Otherwise, if you have NO significant underlying heart disease, your PVCs are probably not dangerous.

Read this about arrhythmias and PVCs.

Hope this helps,
Dr T


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