PVCs, palpitations and obesity

I have been dx with having PVC's and they have gotten progressively worse, in that I have more of them now, and I am now experiencing them back to back. I feel this flutters and I reach for my pulse and there is a pause, then beat, then pause etc. Sometimes I feel like I am having 3 to 4 in a row, other times, it is every other beat...The Dr's keep telling me they are not going to harm me...that my heart is fine. I have a small VSD, but nothing was ever done with it. I recently was switched to Kaiser and I saw a new cardiologist after having to wear the monitor again. I recorded over 90 episodes and she said that was a record for her to see. She said I could take a medication called atenolol if I want to try to see if that will help, but I heard taking medications can often be a bad thing. I have several of these pvc's pac's a day and it is debilitation. I am 39 and I am very overweight. I just joined weight watchers and I am walking on my treadmill for 30 mins a day @ 2.5 mph and also doing 30 mins of cycling at 14 mph with intermittent resistance every other minute. On mon,wed and fri, I am doing a short bowlfex routine and every night mon-fri i am doing 70 sit ups on an exercise ball. I had started out only able to walk 10 mins at 1.5 mph and I have worked up to the later. I have lost 15 lbs going from 389 to 370. I did not have pvc's until I gained a bulk of weight some 15 years ago. Do you think losing the weight will lessen these? I read posting of people who are physically fit and get them...I don't touch caffeine NO chocolate, soda, and I don't drink or smoke... I read that it is a good idea to see an  electrophysiologist for real help...I am almost a recluse because of these...I am terrified to be out of my  house for fear of what will happen when I am out...It is really making me crazy. I often cry saying maybe it would be better to just die to escape these...I know it sounds dramatic but I cant keep going on like this....Please tell me what you think?

Heed the advice your cardiologists gave you, take the atenolol, and continue to diet &exercise and lose weight. The significance of any rhythm abnormality lies in its causes and the effects on your circulation, for instance dizziness and/or fainting. Other than that, I can't say it nay better than you heard from your doctors, but if you need more information, please check these links for more information about palpitations and PVCs:


You’ll find these are rather common complaints and most people don’t need treatment, only reassurance once their heart proves OK. However, a patient with NEW onset of symptoms  needs testing, both of the heart rhythm and a variety of blood tests to make sure there is no other heart problem.

Read more about Beta blockers here (they are very safe drugs that will help reduce the frequency of your PVCs):

I congratulate you for you efforts at losing weight. Please look at some the other information about diet etc. on my website:

Hope this helps,
Dr T


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