New trouble exercising

I run about 3.5 to 4 miles everyday during the summer and then mix it up with the elliptical and running during the school year.  I have worked out my whole life.  I am 40 years old and 158lbs.  I have noticed the past two weeks that it is harder for me to run.  I feel a weird sensation in my arms and upper body from time to time.  Today I decided to check my heart rate occasionally.  I only run about a 8 to 9 min. mile.  Today my heart rate was anywhere from 170 to 180 all four times I checked throughout the run.  Even when I work out on a machine and check it or anytime I have ever checked it is usually around 140.  Could there be something going on that is causing my heart rate to be so high and my upper body not feeling right. These runs have become so hard as of the past couple weeks.  Should I worry?

It is a lot safer to be checked than to assume everything is all right. Your symptoms of a new sensation  with an unexpected fast heart rate suggest something is not right with your heart. Women in particular often have atypical symptoms of angina, and yours fit in that category.

You should read these links:
Your risk for heart disease:
Assessment of chest pain (probably not that useful in your case):
I would recommend a stress test, that help decide whether you have a heart problem:

Hope this helps,
Dr T


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