My palpitations have changed follow up

Thanks so much for the help.  Yes, I went through the whole routine for a cardiac ablation, but the doctor decided not to ablate anything - which really upset me, as I am still stuck like I was with new symptoms, and on the propranalol - which I'd like to someday be taken off of.  Just one last quick question  - what is a doctor that has experience in EP?  Thanks so much!

An ablation is not an easy way out and requires careful selection and treatment by someone experienced: a cardiologist, specialized in cardiac electro-physiology (EP). Often, other medications and lifestyle modifications are successful as well.

I just got an email from someone who got rid of his palpitations with magnesium and Co-Q10 supplements (read the comments):

Depending on where you live you may want to look into this link for top US hospitals nearby, such as the Cleveland/Mayo Clinics:

Hope this helps,
Dr T


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