Improving your cardiac risk factors

Hi Dr T, For someone age 42 who underwent all heart check tests (Stress Test ECG, Echo, Blood, ...) before 6 months and all results come normal, normally how fast he can develop hear problems like CAD or atherosclerosis. In other words, when he is advised to re do the routine heart tests again in 2 or 3 years?

That depends on modifying (if needed) your cardiac risk factors, which include your lifestyle and family history. You can calculate you risk for developing heart disease here:
You can play around with these by modifying your numbers and see how they change your risk profile!
While that is of course only hypothetical, you can make real-time changes to your Cardiac risks by modifying your lifestyle where needed:
This includes eating a healthy diet:

If you'd like to see what a real life scenario could look like, play this animation (from Medical Maneuvers):

Cardiac Risks, what may happen to you

Hope this helps,
Dr T


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