Heart healthy living after bypass surgery

Hello,My husband takes lipitor, and his cholesterol numbers are great.  However, sometimes he eats a very high fat meal.  He says that's okay since his numbers are so good.  This seems wrong, but I can't say why- can you?  (He had quad bypass 11 years ago.) Thank you!

Hi Lauren,
An occasional "sin" is not going to hurt him. None-the-less he HAS coronary artery disease and should be careful. Just because he is doing so well doesn't mean he has been cured. A CABG4 means he has:

  • Extensive coronary artery disease
  • An excellent result from his surgery
  • He may lose a bypass graft or develop new blockages elsewhere including in other arteries in elsewhere in his body
  • For best protection he should focus on a heart healthy life style rather than rely on his luck!

Hope this helps,
Dr T


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