CT cardiac calcium score

I had a CT cardiac calcium score report indicating I had a right coronary artery score of nearly 18000, while each of my other coronary arteries was 400 or less (left 58, left anterior 400; left circumflex 144).  This gives a total Agatston score over 18,000.   Is that even possible?  I'm wondering if it's a mistake.  My doctor wants to do an angiogram sometime in the near future.  But this number seems to be higher than anything reported on the internet.  Should I go to the emergency room immediately?  

Your calcium score confirms you have advanced coronary artery disease and atherosclerosis, but doesn't detail whether you have blockages. For that you need either a CTCA or a cardiac catherization depending on your symptoms and the result of a cardiac stress test. There is nothing to indicate a visit to the ER is necessary. Treatment is dependent on what is found, but doesn't necessarily inlude an immediate intervention like a stent or coronary bypass surgery.

Hope this helps,

Dr T



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