Chest pains while breathing in

Dear Doctor, I'm 33 yrs old male. I've this problem for the last three days, that while standing and sitting I'm feeling pain at the bottom portion of the heart while breathing in. I don't feel any such pain while laying down. The pain is not acute but it feels. Is there something serious? Blood pressure checked yesterday was 110/70, if this could be of any help. Please reply.Thank you.

Chest pains need to be evaluated! You can read more here:

Off hand, I'd check you for a problem with your pericardium (heart sack), or your lungs (pleuritic symptoms):

Tests involved include blood tests, EKG, Chest X-ray, and possibly a cardiac ECHO, and/or CT scan of your chest:

Diagnosis & treatment depends on what is found.
Hope this helps,
Dr T


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