Bigeminy and frequent pvcs

my amount of irregular beats has increased over the last yr and i am becoming worried, i had an echo 3yrs ago that said everything was structurally sound. this past month i had 2 ekgs one saw me in bigeminy and the other trigeminy . the er doctor told me not to worry, but how can i not when i am getting them more than i use to. my ques. is without any structural damage can very frequent/bigeminy beats do any harm thank u , i am going crazy over these.

Bigeminy can be an innocent arrhythmia, but since your last echo was done three years ago, and you have more symptoms, you should be re-evaluated, preferably with some blood tests, an EKG, probably a Holter monitor test and a cardiac stress ECHO to check the function of your heart. 

A bigemini rhythm is an extrasystole (also called Paroxysmal Ventricular Contraction, or PVC) that happens every other beat:


You can read more here:

Hope this helps,
Dr T


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