Atypical exercise recovery chest pain

Hello Doctor, Im a 30y/o female in good health. Good wt, bp, chol, etc. I have worked out for over a decade. In the last year, I have had shooting pains up to my chin and faintness strictly during the Recovery phase of my workout. I run for a few miles, feel fine, but as soon as a slow to a fast walk, the pains start shooting up my chin. If i start running again the chest pain goes away, but I eventually have to end my workout, and the pain sets in again. I think sometime is wrong with how my heart recovers from cardio exercise.  Have you ever heard of this?
Hi Mary Ellen,
In absence of cardiac risks these chest pains are very unlikely to be caused by your heart. You can calculate your cardiac risks here.
Based on your symptoms (pain disappearing with exercise - not the other way around), I suspect a muscular skeletal issue, but this should be checked with your doctor.
Hope this helps,
Dr T


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