Aortic Dissection Type B complications

My 78 year-old active mother was flown to an out of town hospital last week after she was diagnosed with Aortic Dissection Type B. She is being managed with medication in order to keep her blood pressure under control.  There was no surgical intervention. Tests (CT scans, blood work, sonogram) did not show that any of her organs or limbs were involved.  However, since this has happened her mobility has been affected in that she cannot walk very far. Both of her legs are weak from her knees to her hips and she can barely walk 20 feet without having to sit down.  This has greatly affected her quality of life and activity level.  We are wondering if this is some type of claudication as a result of the dissection, if it’s something temporary, something permanent, or something entirely unrelated.
Hi Carol,
Her symptoms (if new since the diagnosis of Aortic Dissection was made) should be re-evaluated for further treatment The initial therapy was correct but only for as long as no other complications occur. The dissection may well have 'cut off' the circulation to her legs and she should be re-tested!
Hope this helps,
Dr T


Recurrence rates are low, and depending where it is located (and how big it is), risks for repeat surgery are more dependend on your heart health than the surgery, unless it is located in a "dangerous place". Small AAAs can be "watched" if <5cm.

Hope this helps,

Dr T

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