This section will include a variety of recipes that will start with Breakfast and end with Desert at the other end of the day. Information about diets you can find elsewhere.

In addition to providing you with delicious food (I hope), the recipes will include nutritional information, such as calories, cholesterol, salt and other ingredients.


Breakfast is probably the most important meal of the day. Don't skip breakfast to lose weight or because you don't have time.



Lunch! Some of us look forward to it all morning and it keeps us going through the afternoon. Or is it the Italian cuisine with its great variety of different ingredients ranging from fruits, vegetables, sauces, meats and wine, lasting hours and followed by a siesta?


Ah! The pleasure of soup! Soups get better over time. You make them once, enjoy them, freeze them and eat them again when you don't have time to cook a whole dinner 

Use a combination of left overs and fresh ingredients and I guarantee you become another soup foodie like me. Most soups are very heart healthy, filling and can be enjoyed by themselves or in combination with a slice of bread or a salad.



Dinner used to be the name of the main meal of the day. Originally, it referred to the first meal of the day, eaten about noon, and is still occasionally used in this fashion if it refers to a large or main meal.


Sweet and scrumptious to finish a magnificent meal and add inches to your waistline!